Mindfulness Programs in International School Jakarta Barat Global Sevilla


Talking about international school, then highly possible it will be about the English language and over the top achievement. But in this case, Global Sevilla strives for something excellent by employing mindfulness. It is unique for international school Jakarta Barat. So, how it is implemented, and what are the programs? Here is your answer


What Is Mindfulness

The idea of mindfulness is to be aware and awake to the present moment and surroundings. In this case, the school tries to make students mindful of their life and progress. Each moment of their life has meaning. Be aware of what you are doing and those around you. With that mindset, the approach, hopefully, can make the student more open.

Another thing to highlight about this approach is the idea to reach a calm and serene feeling. Stress and anxiety are the most common problem for the student. But by employing mindfulness, the student can cultivate joy, peace, and openness within and around them. It also creates solidity in their fears, aspiration, suffering, and misunderstanding.


How Global Sevilla Incorporate The Idea

This international school Jakarta Barat implement the idea of mindfulness, by creating a silent morning. A quick break moment, when everyone can calm down and reflect on their feeling. Another highlight of the implementation is how the school decides to do very much the same thing as the students at home.

They can play, listen, study, eat, etc. With more awareness and consciousness. But the program also implemented mindful eating and break time, to plant a sense of gratefulness. There are also sitting sessions, where students will relax and focus on their breathing. While the program is on-going, the students will be more focused, calm down, and relax in school.


The Benefits Of Mindfulness 

Regular practice of mindfulness can help children, or adults, to learn more effectively. It is because the kindness and open curiosity attitude will make them focus. It also because of the quick moment offered by international school Jakarta Barat can help them to be themselves and out of their busy lives. It also helps improve memory, reading, social skills, empathy, and many more.

It is easy to say that the approach of mindfulness is one way to enlighten the students' mood and stress level. Being aware and awake of the present moment is believed to help the students gain both great scores and characteristics. That is why Global Sevilla implements the approach to balance the study in their institution.

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